How to Efficiently Navigate Asktug?

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How to Seek Technical Help?

Asktug is a community Q&A website where users can ask and answer questions, share articles, and collaboratively build the TiDB project. Please consciously follow the Question Search Guide & Asking Guidelines when speaking in the forum.

  1. Encounter a problem? Search first

The TiDB community product team has specially customized a search platform for community members.


The search scope covers official documents, blogs, Asktug questions, columns, etc. 80% of technical problems can be answered here.

  1. If you can’t find it, ask and exchange technical questions

If your question belongs to that 20%, feel free to ask it now!

  • Post for consultation

AskTUG stands for Ask TiDB User Group. There are 20+ moderators and 20k+ users who might help you solve your problem, but remember that helping you in the community is their choice, not anyone’s obligation.

  1. How to get help quickly?

  • Learn the skills of asking questions, check the Question Posting Guide, choose the correct category, and describe the problem according to the topic template. This is the first step to gaining goodwill. Whether you can clearly state the problem at once will determine how many people are willing to help you troubleshoot it.
  • Add tags to the title, if you are in a hurry to solve the problem, you can add tags like [Help], [Urgent], [Production Environment Issue], [Help Needed] to reflect your urgency. However, do not abuse this tip. Some non-urgent issues do not need such tags. If this feature is abused, it will lose its original meaning of seeking help.
  • Ask more follow-up questions, whether a question can be seen is determined by the last reply time, which affects the sorting of the post. If you are eager to solve the problem, you can add more background information, problem reproduction steps, errors, etc., in the comments to help solve the post.
  • Join the community mutual aid group, seeking help in the group has an 80% success rate. To join the group, add WeChat: billmay, and note your community nickname and company when adding friends.

What should I do if my topic is resolved?

Please mark the question as [Best Answer].

  • Marking [Best Answer] earns you 5 points and 5 experience points, and the person who helped you can also get 15 points & experience points.
  • Marking [Best Answer] can reward the person who helped you solve the problem, encouraging more people to help answer questions in the future.
  • Marking [Best Answer] helps others find answers more efficiently.
    If your problem is not yet resolved, continue to ask and provide feedback on the issues you encounter, including operation prompts or screenshots, and remember to include the problem reproduction steps.

How do I bookmark a question?

  1. Click the bookmark button below the topic to bookmark it.

  2. On the asktug homepage, click “Bookmarks” to view the bookmarked topics and replies.

How do I see which questions need help if I want to help others?

  1. Unresolved questions list: TiDB 的问答社区 - TiDB 社区

  2. Latest questions list:

I just viewed a topic but forgot which one it was. How can I find my browsing history?

  1. On the asktug homepage, click “Browsing History” to view your browsing history.

How to view the activity of all community members?

  1. Click Activity to see, you can sort by day, week, month, quarter, year, or all time. Sorting dimensions include received likes, given likes, created topics, replies, viewed topics, read posts, and visit days:

  2. Click “Discover” on the homepage navigation bar - Q&A Star

After entering, you can view the leaderboard, which can be sorted by experience points, number of replies, and the time range can be selected: week, month, year, historical total list.

Where should I provide feedback if I have suggestions?

  1. In the asktug topic, select the category - Suggestions & Feedback, and click to create a topic.

  2. Directly click to publish a topic in asktug, and select the category - Suggestions & Feedback.

How to view the posts I participated in?

  1. On the asktug homepage, click “My Posts” to view the list of topics I created or participated in replying to.

How to report a TiDB product bug?

Click here to create a product defect issue. We will always pay attention to product bugs.

How to provide feedback on TiDB product requirements?

Click here to create a product requirement issue. The product and research team will review it periodically (not all requirements will necessarily be implemented).

How to contribute to the community?

How to file a complaint?

Contact WeChat: billmay

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