How to Enable Security Audit (Log Only) in TiDB 4.0 Community Edition?

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Original topic: TIDB4.0社区版如何开启安全审计(仅日志) 这个功能?

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The image is not visible, please provide the text you need translated.

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Security Audit (Log Only): These are the operational logs of various components, which can be used to some extent for auditing purposes. If you need to implement more robust audit log functionality, please consider the security audit extension module.

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audit: Query cluster operation audit logs

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As far as I know, in the community edition, you can only enable tidb_general_log to record logs. I’m not aware of other auditing features; they should be available in the commercial edition.

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I think what he mentioned should be the one I posted, the cluster operation log. After all, the command description is to query the operation audit log. :wink:

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The community edition actually doesn’t have auditing features.

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It refers to the logs.

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The audit log plugin is only available in the enterprise version.

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There isn’t any, the description is very clear, only logs :wink:

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The enterprise edition currently has this feature. If you are using the community edition, you can develop this feature yourself!

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