How to Expand TiKV Memory Usage Online

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The total memory of the current server is 64G. I want to allocate 40G to storage.block_cache.capacity, but I encountered a restriction error. I have already modified the memory-usage-limit parameter in the configuration file to 60G, but it did not take effect.


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If you configure storage.block_cache.capacity, you don’t need to configure limit. The default limit is a fixed multiple of storage.block_cache.capacity, and in my tests, it is 1.25 times.

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Thanks a lot, I followed your answer to lift the restriction. I’ll test it out first to see the effect.

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Directly setting config tikv storage.block-cache.capacity='GiB' will take effect immediately without impacting the business. Then, modify the configuration through tiup cluster edit-config tidb-clustername but do not reload it immediately. Next time, when making other modifications, reload them all together.

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Yes, it was initially limited by the limit.

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Can’t handle it? Need to limit memory.

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Just configure storage.block_cache.capacity.

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The maximum system memory is x. For storage.block-cache.capacity, set it to x*0.45. There’s no need to configure anything else separately.

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