How to find out the built-in RocksDB version in TiDB?

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Original topic: 如何获知 TiDB内置的RocksDB版本?

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As the title suggests, how can I find out the version of RocksDB built into TiDB?

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Find the corresponding version of TiKV, then check the cargo.lock file for rust-rocksdb: source = “git+”. Then go to rust-rocksdb and look at the submodule to find the corresponding version of rocksdb. The link after that is not the commit above; you need to find the rocksdb version in the .gitmodules of the commit above. rust-rocksdb/.gitmodules at master · tikv/rust-rocksdb · GitHub

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Is there any plan to upgrade to version 7.7 or 7.5 of RocksDB? I see that version 7.5.3 has a fix for the write stalling issue caused by compaction. The fix addresses a bug where concurrent compactions might cause unnecessary further write stalling. In some cases, this might cause the write rate to drop to a minimum.

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This needs an official response. I don’t know the plan.

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