How to find the monitoring item for TiCDC throughput rate when synchronizing data to Kafka in the dashboard monitoring?

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Original topic: 如何在dashboard监控中,查找TiCDC 同步数据到 Kafka的吞吐率的监控项

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v6.5.0
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  • New features in version v6.5.0 mention: throughput increased from 4000 rows per second to 35000 rows per second, replication delay reduced to 2 seconds.

When the ticdc task issues data synchronization to downstream Kafka, is there a way to monitor and display the throughput rate of TiCDC processing Kafka on the dashboard monitoring panel?

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ticdc–>kafka sink, check here, the monitoring pages are all blank.

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Refer to the official monitoring metrics:

Is this what you want to focus on?

  • Sink flush rows/s: The number of data changes written to the downstream per second by the TiCDC node

As for Kafka monitoring, you will need to find a solution on your own.