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The talent market is where you serve your boss, and the boss pays you a salary. Since it is a service, your skills are commodities. Commodities have supply and demand relationships. When supply exceeds demand, there will be continuous devaluation and unemployment. The life I have lived for more than ten years is completely different from the life my parents lived for more than ten years. In their time, they could work in a factory for a lifetime. Our companies may only exist for a few years. Without the skin, to what can the hair attach itself? How can there be intact eggs under a toppled nest? Without a country, how can there be a home?

The intensity of market competition is unimaginable. Small and medium-sized enterprises generally have a lifespan of three years. Even large groups like Alibaba face fierce competition. It is quite difficult for individuals to choose a career that suits them.

This article uses rational analysis to discuss with you.

For example, if you have personal skills in front-end, iOS, operations, and Java, you can write a Python program to scrape the average salaries of these positions from Boss. Take the median and compare to find out which position has a higher salary, and then look for that kind of job. It is best to scrape once a month to see the number of positions each month and analyze the supply and demand relationship.

Within the high-paying positions, subdivide further. For example, in operations, compare the average salaries of DBA and other roles. Learn the one with the higher average salary. At the very least, you can ask training institutions like Tarena and Beida Jade Bird about the registration fees for each course. The higher the registration fee, the higher the salary is likely to be.

Then analyze the skills required for this position using word frequency analysis. Summarize the skills needed for the highest-paying positions. For example, refer to the skills required in a KFC job posting and analyze what you need to learn. I wish everyone success in their careers and a prosperous future.

For example, use the following code to analyze the skills needed for data operation positions.

import requests
# used to grab data from the web

from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
# used to parse HTML

from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import CountVectorizer
# used to count number of words and phrases (we will be using this module a lot)

The first two lines of import code are used to scrape data from job websites, and the third line of import is used to count the text.

texts = []
# hold our job descriptions in this list

for index in range(0,1000,10): # go through 100 pages of indeed
  page = ''+str(index)
  # identify the url of the job listings

  web_result = requests.get(page).text
  # use requests to actually visit the url

  # parse the html of the resulting page

  for listing in soup.findAll('span', {'class':'summary'}):
    # for each listing on the page

# append the text of the listing to our list

The above code opens 100 web pages and scrapes the job description information from the pages. The most important variable is texts, which stores 1,000 job descriptions.

type(texts) # == list

vect = CountVectorizer(ngram_range=(1,2), stop_words='english')
# Get basic counts of one and two word phrases

matrix = vect.fit_transform(texts)
# fit and learn to the vocabulary in the corpus

print len(vect.get_feature_names()) # how many features are there
# There are 11,293 total one and two words phrases in my case!!

I have deleted some code, but you can find it in the book’s GitHub repository. The result after running is as follows:

experience 320
machine 306
learning 305
machine learning 294
techniques 266
statistical 215
team 197
analytics 173
business 167
statistics 159
algorithms 152
datamining 149
software 144
applied 141
programming 132
understanding 127
world 127
research 125
datascience 123
methods 122
join 122
quantitative 122
group 121
real 120
large 120

Machine learning, technical foundation, statistics, and teamwork are high-frequency words. If you adjust your resume accordingly, your chances of being invited for an interview will be much higher.

Store this data in TiDB and check it from time to time to consider what to do for your next job. Read more books; there is gold in them.

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You’re overthinking it. A TiDB certification won’t bring you a high salary; it can only serve as a bonus point for the company’s consideration.

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Many people want you, the highest bidder wins.

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:+1: You have more words, you have the final say :yum:

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Salary is linked to ability.

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Tech laborer, can only increase technical skills :joy:

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Many clients in the banking and securities sectors (Party A) use TiDB.

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Study hard, get a raise.

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Study hard

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Well, it’s a creative idea.