How to handle excessively large single fields when synchronizing data with DM?

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Original topic: 使用dm同步数据时单字段太大如何处理?

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restore table bx_azgl.img_base64 failed: Error 8025: entry too large, the max entry size is 6291456, the size of data is 7288764

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This is not because the table is too large, but because the row data exceeds TiDB’s single row 6M limit. Although this can be modified, it is not recommended as performance will not be good with such large rows. Check the table structure that is causing this error to see if it contains any large fields.

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This is the base64 code of the image stored in the table field.

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Not recommended to store images :joy_cat:

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The error is obvious, the size of a single row of data exceeds the limit. To ensure the efficiency of distributed transactions, there is this hard limit.

The solution is to split the content of different columns into different tables so that the size of a single row meets the limit requirements.

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It’s not possible to split the columns. This table has only two columns: one for the ID and one for the value.

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It is better to store files and images in a small file system. Only store key information such as storage paths in the database.

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The performance of storing images in a database is generally not high.

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It is recommended that databases should avoid storing images as much as possible.

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This is a mandatory system requirement, and it seems it cannot be changed.

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Indeed, there’s no way around it. If this table is not used in TiDB, you can filter out this table.

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You can only change the configuration.

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