How to Hide TiDB Telnet Probe Version

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Original topic: 如何隐藏tidb telnet探测版本

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】v7.1.2
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【Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact】How it affects the following versions
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Try modifying the version system variable, just a guess.

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Some advanced firewalls should be able to handle this technically; application software cannot solve this problem.

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A firewall probably won’t solve the issue either, because a firewall can’t determine whether a login has occurred. This functionality should be implemented by the software itself. However, it seems that MySQL doesn’t support this either.

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This is part of the MySQL handshake protocol.

It is even specifically emphasized as human readable in the MySQL documentation.

So you either completely close this port (if TCP is open and can connect, a handshake will definitely occur), or change the version configuration to give it a fake one.

But I feel that if you don’t want to see it at all, the most direct and safest way is to simply not allow access to the machine that needs to access this port.

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Block unnecessary IPs from connecting to this port using a firewall.
Alternatively, set up a proxy in front that only allows proxy access to TiDB.
If neither of these options is feasible, you will have to modify the source code.

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  1. Configure the firewall to block unnecessary IP access to port 4000.
  2. Place a proxy in front of TiDB, allowing only the proxy to access TiDB’s port.
  3. Modify the source code and compile it yourself.
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It’s easier to just change to a fake version.

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There’s no way around it, it has to be external. I see that for MySQL, you can only modify the source code to change it.

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The main thing is not to let outsiders know that this is a database.

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Except for unplugging the network cable, it’s not possible.

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Only allowing intranet connections should be fine. My database can’t connect to the external network either.

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Use a firewall to block unauthorized IPs from accessing.

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Just set up a whitelist on the operating system firewall, allowing only the application to access the database, and denying access from all other hosts.

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Under whitelist control

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True or false, false or true, add a few more honeypots.

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