How to Implement Real-time Synchronization of the tt Table in the aa Database of TiDB to the aa Table in the bb Database of MySQL

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Original topic: tidb aa库的tt表 实时同步到mysql中的bb库aa表如何实施

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Poc
[TiDB Version] 5.4.3
[Problem Encountered: How to implement real-time synchronization of the tt table in the aa database of TiDB to the aa table in the bb database of MySQL]
The PUMP cluster has been set up.

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It seems that TiDB Binlog synchronization does not support this type of synchronization mapping.

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DM can configure filtering rules, but the upstream is MySQL, and TiCDC also does not have synchronization mapping, so it seems that your requirement cannot be achieved.

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TiCDC + Kafka

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The above can be implemented.

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Is the data volume large? If not, use the ETL tool Kettle to implement it. :thinking: