How to Keep the Cluster Running in the Background with tiup playground

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Original topic: tiup playground 运行的集群怎么常驻后台

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Try nohup

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Actually, if you want to use it continuously, it’s better to directly deploy a set with tiup cluster. It can be used on a single machine as well.

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Put it in screen :slight_smile:

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Yes, I used nohup.

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It would be better to set all nodes to 1 and configure the simplest topology. Deploying with tiup cluster is more convenient than using the playground.

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Execute command in the background

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There’s absolutely no need to use tiup playground; deploying in single-machine mode is even simpler.

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Use nohup

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The playground is generally used for debugging. If the development resources are insufficient, it is recommended to use a single-node cluster.

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  • Install screen (if not already installed).
  • Open a new screen session:
screen -S tidb_playground

Run tiup playground in the screen session:

tiup playground --version=vX.Y.Z
  • If you want to keep tiup playground running and detach from the screen session, press Ctrl + A then D (i.e., hold Ctrl and A, release them, and then press D).
  • To reconnect to the screen session, use the following command:
screen -r tidb_playground
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Are you talking about persistence?