How to Manually Remove an Installed Cluster Without Using TiUP

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Original topic: 不用tiup怎么手工删除已经装好的集群

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Originally, there was a cluster with 3 nodes, one of which was physically damaged. It had tiup and monitoring deployed on it. Without reinstalling the system, what operations are needed to clean up the tidb components installed on the other two machines?

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The “tidb-data” and “tidb-deploy” folders need to be deleted. The related system services under /etc/systemd/system also need to be deleted.

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You can consider restoring the tiup tool based on the topology file, and then use the Tiup command to clean everything up with one click.

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  1. systemctl stop ****.service 2) rm -rf deployment directory
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You can reinstall TiUP on a new node, then manually construct a topology file based on your actual deployment situation to restore cluster management.
The topology file should be backed up regularly.
File path: .tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/cluster_name/meta.yaml. Remember to back it up before making any changes, using the command tiup cluster meta backup.

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You can refer to this TUG member’s post and try to restore the tiup tool:
.tiup and other metadata recovery methods

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Deletion is done. Just delete the tidb-data and tidb-deploy folders, then stop the related TiDB services using systemctl stop, and finally remove the related system services under /etc/systemd/system.

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Just delete the relevant files and services.

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I have never figured out the location where the data files are stored.

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Looking at the configuration file, if the location is not specified, it defaults to /tidb-data and /tidb-deploy.

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Stop the cluster and delete all files.

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Kill the process, remove the folder, and manually clean up the environment variables.

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In fact, the configuration file in tiup cluster edit-config is quite clearly marked, mainly /tidb-data and /tidb-deploy.

Here is a screenshot from the training:

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