How to Migrate All PDs to New Machines in a TiDB 3.0.3 Cluster

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Original topic: TiDB3.0.3集群怎么操作迁移所有pd到新机器上

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We need to migrate a few machines that have all the PD components of the cluster. What operations should be used to migrate PD to the new machines and then decommission the old PD?

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You can check how PD is started in systemctl, and then run that command on the other three computers.

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Is it certain that specifying the old PD address for components like TiKV will not cause any issues?

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Establish an SSH connection to the new machine, then expand PD to the new machine, and finally shrink the PD on the old machine.

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Will expanding and shrinking PD automatically update the configurations of TiKV and other components?

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Is this version worth upgrading?

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Refer to the following steps for scaling operations. Adding a PD node will synchronize TiKV information.

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You are still using a lower version and didn’t notice. This is the process for scaling in and out PD with a lower version of Ansible.

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Okay, I’ll give it a try, thanks.

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Use the scaling method.

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First expand the new PD, then shrink the old PD.