How to Modify Labels Online for Hot and Cold Data Separation in TiDB Configuration

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Original topic: TIDB 配置冷热分离 如何在线修改label

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Testing / PoC
In the production environment, storage is configured with hot and cold separation. Before initializing the TiDB cluster, the cluster labels were not set. How can I configure the labels for the TIKV and PD of the cluster online?

Current status:

Can anyone help with how to configure the labels online or perform a rolling cluster configuration?

[TiDB Version]
Version 6.5.2

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In pd-ctl config set, configure the label hierarchy name location-labels and the isolation hierarchy isolation-level.
In pd-ctl store, configure the label values for each TiKV.

Alternatively, use tiup cluster edit-config and then reload.

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Hello, how do you configure the store in pd-ctl store label? Are there any examples?

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  1. Hello, the disk is also configured this way.
  2. For example, the cluster topology is divided into four layers: zone → data center (dc) → rack → host. Is it necessary to configure this?
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This requires carefully reading the official documentation.

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Is it possible to configure two disk paths, one SSD and one HDD, in a single TiKV instance? Does anyone know?

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Establish a policy, bind the policy when creating a table, and specify SSD or HDD.

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What does disk path refer to here? For TiKV, the actual file storage path can only be one, and for data placement, it also means that only one custom disk type value can be specified.

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No, kv can only set one path.