How to Modify node_exporter Without Being Overwritten

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Original topic: node_exporter如何修改不被覆盖

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Due to the company’s centralized monitoring requirements, each server’s node_exporter needs to add some extra parameters, such as --collector.ntp.server= However, after modifying each node of the TiDB cluster, as long as one component or single node is reloaded, the previous parameters will be overwritten and lost.

How can I add node_exporter parameters without them being overwritten? Thank you.

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I’m afraid this can’t be done unless you don’t use tiup to manage the cluster. Alternatively, you could add an extra automated step to modify node_exporter when operating the nodes with tiup. We also have some customizations, and every time we operate on the nodes, they get overwritten. Unfortunately, tiup still lacks some customization features in terms of monitoring. :joy:

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Alright, alright, then I’ll add an Ansible script. It’s also good to manually execute it after reload :laughing:. Thanks a lot.

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