How to Modify the Alert Address Redirection in the TiDB Dashboard Interface

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Original topic: tidb dashboard界面告警地址跳转如何修改

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  1. Grafana and Alertmanager are bound to the internal IP. When the dashboard interface jumps, it also accesses the internal address. How can I modify the jump address? Or bind a proxy for the installed Grafana.
  2. The custom monitoring method also seems unable to solve the issue:
    [Resource Configuration] Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page
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Manually fill in to activate the network.

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What network should be activated, and where should the address be filled in?

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You can also modify the /etc/hosts file of your access IP, converting all internal network addresses to the external network addresses you have enabled.

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This is bound when the cluster starts, and it is estimated that the cluster configuration file needs to be modified.

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The internal communication of the TiDB cluster uses a separate switch similar to the 192.168 type of internal network. We have also encountered similar issues. Although the performance theoretically would be better, the cluster internally only recognizes internal network addresses. To view monitoring and alerts, you have to manually input the corresponding base network IP addresses.

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Set up an Nginx configuration for reverse proxy.