How to Modify the Checkpoint_tso of a Running TiCDC Synchronization Task?

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Original topic: 怎么修改TiCDC正在运行的同步任务的checkpoint_tso,求解

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How to modify the checkpoint_tso of a TiCDC synchronization task, please help.

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Specify a TSO. Refer to this TiCDC FAQ | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Did an exception occur midway and you want to modify it? Check out the reference Add the ignore-txn-start-ts parameter to skip the transaction corresponding to the specified start-ts.

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Choose a TSO, then stop the task and restart the task.

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I see that API v1 does not have this feature. My scenario is like this: I first create a synchronization task, and now I want to perform a drill. I don’t want the data during the drill period, so I need to pause the task first, then modify the checkpoint_tso to the time when the drill ends.

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How do I choose, boss? I see that the API doesn’t have this feature.

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When starting the task, it will go to PD to get the current TSO and start synchronization from that TSO with start-ts=