How to modify tidb_enable_enhanced_security? What impact does the modification have on the existing cluster?

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Original topic: tidb_enable_enhanced_security 如何修改?修改后对现有集群那些影响?

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The current version is 5.3.0, and I want to enable the read-only function on a schedule. I would like to ask how to enable security enhancements currently, and if there are any other better solutions? Thank you.

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tidb_enable_enhanced_security=OFF (default)
In the TiDB configuration file under [security], add enable-sem=true, save, and then restart TiDB.

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There is an impact. Inaccurate statistics may affect the query execution plan and performance.

If the table is frequently subjected to DML, you should execute ANALYZE in a timely manner to avoid pseudo-statistics.

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Be cautious after enabling safe mode to avoid connection anomalies.

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