How to Optimize Long Locking Time When Inserting Data in TiDB?

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Original topic: tidb插入数据 上锁耗时非常长,如何优化?

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As shown in the picture, how can this situation be optimized?

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Optimization can only be done from a business perspective to reduce conflicts.

Alternatively, simulate an optimistic mode by adding a version field. Only when the versions are equal can an update be performed.

Or use caching to solve this local hotspot data issue.

The above is for reference only.

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  1. Reduce concurrency. 2. Optimize logic at the business layer to reduce conflicts. 3. Optimize the SQL itself to shorten execution time. Essentially, it’s all about reducing lock conflict time.
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Let the application change the logic.

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Check the logs, it shouldn’t be a regular insert, could it be an insert into update?

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