How to Permanently Modify wait_timeout and max_execution_time in TiDB Configuration File

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Original topic: tidb在配置文件里如何永久修改wait_timeout 和 max_execution_time

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Currently, there are large SQL queries in the data warehouse that take a long time to execute. However, it is found that if the execution time exceeds 5 minutes, it will automatically disconnect. Although using set global takes effect, sometimes the cluster nodes restart, causing it to become invalid again. I want to permanently modify it in the configuration file. But according to the official documentation, in versions before 5.4, max_execution_time defaults to 0, which does not limit the execution time.
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Is the disconnection causing the statement to not execute, or is the statement executing but the application layer is receiving an error? You can also analyze it from the application layer’s timeout perspective, for example, if it doesn’t get a response from the database within 5 minutes, it reports an error.

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The statement stopped executing.

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

:sweat_smile: If the parameters are useful and it is known that version 5.4 can meet the requirements, it is recommended to upgrade to version 5.4.

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For versions below 5.4, can it be changed in the configuration file, or can it only be changed using set?

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It probably won’t work. You can try setting it at the beginning of the statement.

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Adjust the JDBC connection configuration and session-level settings.

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The configuration file does not show it, but using show variables like '%max_execution_time%' does return this parameter.