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I will be participating in the event on 2023-11-16, and I haven’t finished reading 201 yet. I will share the relevant details after the exam :smiley:

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Coming to squat for strategies for the December event~

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Basically, it’s the content in 201. Read it several times and understand it, and you won’t feel pressured during the exam.

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3 days left, keep it up!

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Good luck

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I passed the exam not long ago, just passing by to tell you.
The PCSD exam mainly focuses on SQL, especially various commonly used MySQL functions. You need to know them and also understand what results these functions return when they contain NULL values.

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  1. Understand the exam content: The TiDB PCSE exam mainly assesses the knowledge of installation, configuration, management, monitoring, and optimization of the TiDB database system. Candidates should thoroughly understand the knowledge points and question types involved in the exam.
  2. Study the TiDB official documentation: The TiDB official documentation covers all aspects of the TiDB database, including installation, configuration, management, monitoring, application integration, and troubleshooting. Candidates can gradually master the use and management of the TiDB database by reading the official documentation.
  3. Attend training courses: TiDB offers a series of training courses designed to help learners quickly master and practice the implementation and management of the TiDB database system. Attending training courses can help candidates acquire the necessary skills more quickly.
  4. Hands-on practice: The TiDB PCSE exam requires candidates to have practical experience in TiDB database management. Candidates can improve their skill levels by installing, configuring TiDB, simulating production environment failures, and performing troubleshooting and repairs through hands-on practice.
  5. Focused review: Candidates can prepare by attending classes, reading official documentation, and doing mock exercises. During the preparation process, they should focus on reviewing the relevant knowledge points and skills according to the official exam guide and syllabus.
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Is this a generated answer?

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Absurd, did you make a typo when asking chat? :grinning:

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Finished the exam, it was a bit challenging. Watched the 201 video once.
Total score is 60, barely passed with 42 points.
90% of the exam points were covered in the video course. However, 20% of the questions were quite detailed (such as sorting given character sets, determining if given SQL can run normally, judging SQL execution results, TiDB foreign key constraints, examining the length and storage space of data types like mediumtext, evaluating select ‘A ‘=’ A’, handling null values, etc.), so it requires another round of review. Additionally, a solid foundation in SQL statements is necessary; students who frequently deal with SQL on the backend should have no problem.

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I just made it, 36 points, I feel like I got everything right… :joy:

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I also feel that everything is correct, and I even double-checked it. If you’re not careful with question 44, you might not pass. I found a wrong question about stateful and stateless servers. There are two questions, and if you cross-reference them, there will be multiple answers.

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Thank you for sharing. I hope those who have passed the exam can come and provide some guidance on the exam points. Still studying.

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Let’s learn about this repository

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Signed up for the one in March tomorrow.

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