How to Push Data from Other Nodes to the New Node After Creating a New Node with tiup cluster scale-out

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Original topic: tiup cluster scale-out创建新节点之后怎样把其他节点数据推到新节点上

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How do you push data from other nodes to the new node after creating a new node with tiup cluster scale-out?

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This is accomplished by the internal mechanism of TiDB.

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The newly added node has very little data (13G), while another node has 100G, which is obviously unevenly distributed.

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Check if the scheduling is complete.
Are the scores of each store similar?

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Not sure if the balancing is complete, go check the actual tikv data directory.

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If it is TiKV, the internal system will score the stores based on different storage sizes, with larger storage holding more data. The system will automatically balance itself overall. If the configurations are the same, you need to check whether the data migration is complete. You can check the following Grafana monitoring to see if it is in a stable state.

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Internally auto-completed.

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The data volume is too large, and we are gradually transferring it internally. Thank you, everyone.

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