How to Query Database User Log Information at a Specific Point in Time

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Original topic: 如何查询在某个时间点登录的数据库用户日志信息

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How to query the database user log information at a specific point in time

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The General Log should be available, but if this log is enabled, it records all SQL statements, making the log quite large. It seems like this requirement is somewhat similar to auditing, and it appears that the enterprise edition has auditing features.

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There is no direct way to check. You can enable the slow log and grep “Login” from /path/to/slow.log.

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The community edition probably doesn’t have this feature. Maybe the auditing feature in the enterprise edition can achieve this, but I haven’t used it~

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This is a database auditing feature, available only in the enterprise edition. You can also use other auditing software or out-of-band auditing.

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The community edition doesn’t work.
I tested enabling the general log

set global tidb_general_log=ON;

The tidb.log only records information like this:

[2023/07/22 23:03:10.298 +08:00] [INFO] [session.go:3878] [GENERAL_LOG] [conn=7845668574088659355] [user=root@] [schemaVersion=14934] [txnStartTS=0] [forUpdateTS=0] [isReadConsistency=false] [currentDB=] [isPessimistic=false] [sessionTxnMode=PESSIMISTIC] [sql="select @@version_comment limit 1"]
[2023/07/22 23:03:10.301 +08:00] [INFO] [session.go:3878] [GENERAL_LOG] [conn=7845668574088659355] [user=root@] [schemaVersion=14934] [txnStartTS=0] [forUpdateTS=0] [isReadConsistency=false] [currentDB=] [isPessimistic=false] [sessionTxnMode=PESSIMISTIC] [sql="select USER()"]

You can only see the SQL, but not the user information. It’s not useful.

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