How to query the source of select threads in QPS under the Tidb option in Grafana?

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Original topic: Grafana中Tidb选项中的QPS里面的select线程如何查询来源?

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Currently, it is known that the TiDB cluster has no other business performing query operations, but we see quite a few select query threads here. Could you please explain the reason for these select queries?

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Opening the dashboard and monitoring will generate select queries.

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Oh, got it, thank you.

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Enable the general log on each TiDB instance to check the actual executed SQL:

set tidb_general_log = 1;
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You can determine the source of the select thread by checking the labels (Label) or the WHERE clause in the query statement.

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The Dashboard can view the executed SQL. Generally speaking, there are SQLs with statistical information running continuously, many of which are SELECT statements.

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