How to query which tables have AUTO_ID_CACHE=1 through system tables?

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Original topic: 如何通过系统表查询带有 AUTO_ID_CACHE=1 的表有哪些?

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[TiDB Version] 6.5.0

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Many tables in TiDB were set with AUTO_ID_CACHE = 1 when created. Now I want to query which specific tables have this setting through the system tables. In which system table can I find this information? I checked the tables and columns tables under information_schema, but neither has this metric.

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I only know that you can use SHOW CREATE TABLE to check if the table creation statement has the AUTO_ID_CACHE comment.

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I also couldn’t find it in any base table except for show create table.

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Didn’t find it, write a shell loop to get it.

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Cannot be found.

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Usually, I handle single tables one at a time, so I don’t have experience with this. I saw someone mentioned above that you can use a shell loop to query and then write to a file or print it out.

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Is it possible to use stored procedures to achieve this?

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Write a script to call TiDB’s HTTP API.

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As far as I remember, there is no unified record in the system table at the moment. You might consider writing a script to handle the processing.

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Isn’t this value configured to the default value? Has each table been changed to a different value?

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Hello. Can this value be configured as the default? Is there a parameter that can be configured? How do I proceed? My version is 6.5.0, and it seems I haven’t found a way to modify the default value.

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No, I want to check if AUTO_ID_CACHE is 1, not the current auto-increment ID of the table.

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You can also see the table structure exported by dumpling.

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Execute the query and store the results in an array

result=($(mysql -h tidb-ip -P 4000 -u root -p’’ -N -e “select TIDB_TABLE_ID from information_schema.tables where TABLE_SCHEMA=‘your_schema’”))

Iterate through the array

for item in “${result[@]}”
AUTO_ID_CACHE=$(curl -s http://tidb-ip:status-port/schema?table_id=${item} 2>/dev/null | grep ‘“auto_id_cache”: 1,’)

Check if the value of auto_id_cache is 1, if so, print TABLE_SCHEMA and TABLE_NAME

if [[ ! -z $AUTO_ID_CACHE ]]; then
mysql -h tidb-ip -P 4000 -u root -p’’ -N -e “select TIDB_TABLE_ID,TABLE_SCHEMA,TABLE_NAME from information_schema.tables where TIDB_TABLE_ID=$item;”

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Very strong, not bad.

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Awesome, just give the answer directly.