How to Quickly Accumulate Points to Get a PCSD Certification Redemption Code

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Original topic: 如何快速积累积分,想搞个PCSD 考证兑换码

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“This area is for non-technical exchanges.”
How to quickly accumulate points, I want to get a PCSD certification exchange code.

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It’s a bit difficult. I saw in the points rules that promoting on other blogs gives 100 points. So I asked how to get the points after writing a promotional article on my blog, but no official response.

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Technical post.

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Reply to the post, check in daily, or write articles in the column.

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Publishing guidelines can be found at:

You can earn up to 600 points for a single article!

Submit 3 high-quality articles to receive a free certification/course slot.

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What you have is not an article; it’s content copied and pasted from a document.

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PCSD-v6 (Deadline: 2023/12/30) | Redemption code: SD2432Bj48s3Xa606D6y1. Here’s one for you, take it.

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I think earning points by completing courses is actually quite fast, and once you have enough points, you can take the exam as well.

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The official said that only technical articles are acceptable. Promotional ones won’t earn points. Haha.