How to recover after a DELETE statement?

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Original topic: delete语句后怎么恢复?

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Dear experts, I have a question. Without enabling binlog and performing br backup, I executed a delete statement to delete the entire table. Can I use recover table to restore it? If not, how can I recover the data?

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Before the GC runs, you can see the previous data through the snapshot.

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How exactly do I operate it, boss?

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Reading Historical Data Through the System Variable tidb_snapshot

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I have done this before, but the premise is that the GC has not deleted the data.

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The function allows you to use the FLASHBACK TABLE statement to restore tables and data that have been deleted by DROP or TRUNCATE within the Garbage Collection (GC) lifetime.
FLASHBACK TABLE table_name [TO other_table_name]

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  1. Reading historical data through the system variable tidb_snapshot

Set a special environment variable, which is a session scope variable, meaning to read the latest version before this time.

set @@tidb_snapshot="2016-10-08 16:45:26";

Clear it:

set @@tidb_snapshot="";

After setting @@tidb_snapshot, executing the select statement will query the data at this point in time.

You can also use:

select * from table1 as of timestamp '2023-07-28 10:24:00';

However, you cannot use insert into select * from to insert data from a flashback query. You can use dumpling to export the table at a specified time.

Set the GC time through tidb_gc_life_time:

set global tidb_gc_life_time=48h;

Check the queryable time range:

SELECT * FROM mysql.tidb WHERE variable_name = 'tikv_gc_safe_point';
  1. Use the dumping tool to export data at a specific time

For example, to back up the dev_vegas2.game_draw table at a specific time 2023-07-08 10:50:45 with a where condition:

tiup dumpling -uroot -p "XXXX" -P 3390 -h --filetype sql -t 8 -o "/tmp/dumpling" -r 200000 -F256MiB -B dev_vegas2 -T dev_vegas2.game_draw --snapshot "2023-07-28 10:50:45" --where "draw_id = 789"
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During the Garbage Collection (GC) lifetime (default 10 minutes), use FLASHBACK TABLE table_name [TO other_table_name]

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Dumpling adds a snapshot parameter, allowing you to export data from a specified time period.

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This depends on whether the GC has run.

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This command is always ready, if data is accidentally deleted, call life first :grin:

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How to operate this?

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The flashback command can restore deleted tables and databases, provided that the GC has not yet cleaned up the data. By default, this means that the data can be restored within 10 minutes after the deletion operation.

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Perform recovery using FLASHBACK TABLE.

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