How to Reorganize a Table in TiDB

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Original topic: tidb如何重新组织某个表

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Querying a specific table is very slow: select * from tab_A limit 10 (800,000 rows)

I want to reorganize the table, but I don’t know the syntax.

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However, a limit query without a where condition shouldn’t be too slow. You can use EXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT * FROM tab_A LIMIT 10 to get the execution plan and see where it is slow.

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Setting the GC time too long can also slow it down, as it will scan too many useless keys.

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There’s no need to reorganize the table. If it’s slow, just find the reason for the slowness.

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Check the table with SHOW TABLE XXX REGIONS to see the number of regions. TiDB evaluates the data volume more appropriately by referencing regions.

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Reorganize according to the following steps:
create new_table like old_table;
insert into new_table select * from old_table;
drop table old_table;
rename new_table to old_table;

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First, check if all TiKV nodes are functioning properly.

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Maddy, what exactly do you mean by reorganizing the table? Your goal should be to solve the slow query, right?

If it’s to solve the slow query, you can find this SQL through the Dashboard interface and then check the corresponding execution plan information. You should be able to quickly identify the cause.

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It feels like you want to reorganize the index?

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Are you looking to reorganize the table to rebuild it or to analyze it?

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You can execute explain analyze select * from tab_A limit 10 to check the execution plan.

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What is the point of querying without conditional filtering?

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  1. Create a new table, insert data, rename, and delete the old table.
  2. Manually compact, you can use the script written by the expert: ops/ · wencycool/something_for_tidb -
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alter table tab_A engine=innodb;

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TiDB definitely does not support this.

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Use an ETL tool to extract data into a new table.

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Rename the table, re-extract the data, and then rename it back.

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Recreate the table, make sure the indexes and primary keys are set reasonably. If it still doesn’t work, you need to check if some of your parameter settings are problematic, and whether a full table scan is occurring.