How to Replace Servers for Three TiKV Instances

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Original topic: 我想把三台tikv换服务器该怎么操作

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The last three TiKV nodes are the ones I just scaled out. But I found that after scaling out, there isn’t much data in the /root/tidb/tidb-data/tikv-20160 directory, which makes me hesitant to scale in the three TiKV nodes above.
P.S.: TiKV is for storing data, right?

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Wait a few days and then check again, see the number of regions on each TiKV.

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Does it really take several days? How can we speed it up?

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You can speed it up by adjusting some parameters, but if the data volume is not very large, it usually takes just one day to synchronize.

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Setting the following parameters: the larger the values, the faster the region balance moves, but it also has a greater impact on the current business.
config set region-schedule-limit 2
config set replica-schedule-limit 4
store limit all 5

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Scaling down will synchronize data to other nodes.

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Wait until the data is balanced before scaling down.

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  1. Use pd-ctl to adjust scheduling parameters;
  2. Observe whether the leader-count and region-count are balanced in Grafana;
  3. After balancing, it is recommended to scale down TiKV nodes one by one to avoid the issue of multiple region replicas being lost.
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How is the progress going?