How to Retain Data After Stopping the Trial Environment Set Up with TiUP Playground?

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Original topic: 使用tiup playground 搭建试用环境,停止后如何保留数据?

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Testing
【TiDB Version】V7.5.0
Using tiup background to set up a trial environment, how to retain data after stopping?

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You can add the --tag parameter

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I tested it, and it is indeed feasible. Thank you for the guidance.

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There is no need to use tiup playground, just deploy a single-node version normally.
TiDB Quick Start Guide | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Just a beginner learning.

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If you don’t clean it up, it will always be there.

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Add --tag during startup.

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Remember, it’s playground.

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:yum: At first glance, I was also taken aback and did search for “background,” only to later realize it was “playground.”

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