How to Safely Unmount the Data Disk of TiKV

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Original topic: 如何安全的umount掉tikv的数据盘

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【TiDB Usage Environment】
【TiDB Version】
【Reproduction Path】
Directly perform the umount -f {mountpoint} operation on the mount point of the tikv disk
【Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact】
Returns target busy exception message.
The disk can be unmounted using umount -l, but this method is not very controllable.
【Resource Configuration】
【Attachments: Screenshots/Logs/Monitoring】

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What are the specific requirements?

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Is the TiKV service turned off?

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If the disk is not being used by various components of the TiDB cluster, you can unmount it. If it is in use, scale down first.

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If you need to use it again, you need to scale down and then unmount.

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TiKV needs to scale in first and confirm successful offline status before safely unmounting. The steps are as follows:

tiup cluster scale-in <cluster-name> --node

Here, the --node parameter is the ID of the node to be taken offline. The expected output is Scaled cluster <cluster-name> in successfully, indicating that the scale-in operation was successful.

Taking a node offline takes some time. When the status of the offline node changes to Tombstone, it means the node has been successfully taken offline. Execute the following command to check if the node has been successfully taken offline:

tiup cluster display <cluster-name>
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Stop the service first before proceeding.

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First, use lsof to check which process is still using the corresponding directory…

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First scale down, then scale back up.

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It shouldn’t be difficult. After scaling down offline, you can normally unmount.

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The one currently in use definitely won’t work.

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First, confirm the data size and whether the remaining TiKV nodes are sufficient. If they are sufficient, first take the TiKV node that needs to be unmounted offline. After all the data has been transferred to the active TiKV nodes and the status is Tombstone, then delete the node using the command:
tiup cluster scale-in --node

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You need to first expand the node, then shrink it, wait for its status to be tomestore, and then proceed with disk unloading.