How to Search Monitoring Items in Grafana

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Original topic: Grafana如何搜索监控项

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For example, if I want to find Memory trace, the path is TiKV-Details => Server => Memory trace. Is there a way to quickly search for Memory trace or locate other Memory-related monitoring charts?

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No, I don’t think so. Are you looking for a search engine-like window? It seems there isn’t one.

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Yes, there are too many monitoring items, and they might be moved by someone.

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Usually, you can check the monitoring metrics in the documentation. TiKV, PD, and TiDB all have categories, and it will detail where the monitoring is located.


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Create a read-only account

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I don’t know how to persist the Grafana configuration data. It would be great if it could be queried directly.

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You can only quickly locate TiKV-Details, and within the TiKV-Details panel, you need to find the dashboard yourself. Once you are familiar with it, there are only a few that you often look at.

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You can only search by dashboard name.

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The content in the Grafana dashboard used by TiDB should not be changeable, as it seems to use Grafana’s provisioning feature.

You can filter in the dashboards directory under the Grafana deployment directory, find the corresponding dashboard name, and then search in the dashboard web URL, but it is much more complicated.

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The data in Grafana is stored in Prometheus, which is a time-series database. You can look into it if you’re interested.

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Once you become familiar with it, you’ll immediately know which module to query from.

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You can only search for the names of the main panels; for detailed sections, you still need to click inside to find them.

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I didn’t see an option to go directly to the small panel.

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Relying purely on clicking more, getting familiar with it. You can create one with view-only permissions, in case you’re worried about it being moved.

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It depends on the proficiency.

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Click more when you have time.

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