How to set the Global variable of a TiDB Cloud instance, such as tidb_skip_isolation_level_check

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Original topic: 如何 set TiDB Cloud 实例的 Global variable,比如 tidb_skip_isolation_level_check

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[TiDB Version] 6.6.0
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Executed set tidb_skip_isolation_level_check=1; in the command line;
Then checked using the show global variables command, and found that tidb_skip_isolation_level_check is still OFF.
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Affects upstream data writing.
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After setting the global variable, it does not take effect in the current session but takes effect for all other sessions. You need to exit the current session and log in again for it to take effect.

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In the command line, \r will reconnect.

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The command set tidb_skip_isolation_level_check=1; is a session-level setting. The show global variables command is for viewing global-level settings. Session-level settings cannot change global-level settings. If you want it to take effect at the global level, you need to use set global tidb_skip_isolation_level_check=1; and then use show global variables to see the changes take effect.

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Global is set globally, but does not take effect for the current session.
Session only takes effect for the current session.

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By default, without “global,” it is session.

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