How to Set the GO Environment Variable GOMEMLIMIT

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Original topic: 如何设置GO的环境变量 GOMEMLIMIT

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How to set the GO environment variable GOMEMLIMIT, and on which components/nodes should it be set?

I want to reduce the frequency of OOM occurrences on the TiDB server.

Set the environment variable GOMEMLIMIT to alleviate OOM issues

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:flushed: Indeed, I couldn’t find it. I suspect it’s prepared for users who are doing secondary development.
This should be an environment variable of the Go language itself.

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It looks like a system environment variable.

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This is the environment variable for Go language itself, configured through

vim /etc/profile

For specific memory allocation values, refer to and configure according to your environment:

To apply the configuration:

source /etc/profile
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If possible, I suggest you upgrade the database to version 6.5.5 or upgrade to version 7.5.

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The method for setting it has already been described in detail by @Inkjade.

I’ll talk about the issues with setting it in those components/nodes.
Since this environment variable is used by the Go language,
only components written in Go will use this parameter.

Among the main components, the ones that use Go are PD and TiDB.

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Thank you, boss.

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Got it, thanks!

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There is a system memory limit parameter: mem_lock

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