How to solve the issue of high pd-server usage in a single-node TiDB cluster?

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Original topic: 单机部署的TIDB集群,pd-server占用很高,如何解决这类问题呢

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Deploying a TiDB cluster on a single machine, the pd-server process is occupying a very high amount of resources.
Usage scenario: Database with multiple tables (about 10,000 tables)

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Is there an expert who can take a look?

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Local test machine? How many CPU cores?

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Your cluster is too stingy, it doesn’t even have monitoring installed, which increases the difficulty of troubleshooting. I also have a single-node cluster with 4 cores and 8GB, and it works quite normally.

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Yes, on the test device with 24 cores and 48 threads, even without any data, the CPU usage of the pd-server service reaches 50-60.

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Did you adjust any parameters? How many tables are there?

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First, install the monitoring components, then log in to the dashboard and Grafana to analyze what your system is doing and where the issues are. Optimization should be based on targeted analysis.

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This deployment is a bit excessive; it doesn’t even include Prometheus and Grafana, making troubleshooting very difficult.

For now, you can check the logs of the corresponding components to see if there is any abnormal information.

I strongly recommend installing all the monitoring components.

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Try restarting.

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There might be too many scheduling tasks. Let’s set up the monitoring environment first and take a look.

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How can this be confirmed?

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What specific content should we focus on?

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The configuration of the single machine is a bit low.

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In Grafana, there is an Operator under the PD directory.

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Check if there are any meaningful logs under PD.

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First, deploy the monitoring components; otherwise, with constant blind guessing, no one will be able to effectively help you solve the problem.

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Indeed, TiDB has integrated Grafana so well that it would be a waste not to take advantage of the various detailed metrics monitoring.

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The PD load is related to the number of regions. Check how many there are.

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The TiDB server is experiencing high load. You need to check if the SQL is using pushdown.

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Can’t it be deployed separately?