How to Specify Different Database Names When Importing Data with Lightning

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Original topic: lightning 导入数据时,如何指定不同库名

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First, use dumpling to export the db1.test table
tiup dumpling -u *** -p *** -P 3306 --filetype sql -B db1 -T db1.test -m -t 4 -o /data/mysql/date -r 300000 -F512MiB**

How to use lightning to import db2.test

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schema-pattern = “source_database_name”
table-pattern = “table1”
target-schema = “target_database_name”
target-table = “table1_0826”

Reference: tidb-lightning配置数据还原路由_tidb lightning route-CSDN博客

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Is it possible to import multiple different databases and tables at once?

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There is no need for multiple, one db2 is enough.