How to specify importing into a specific database when using TiDB Lightning

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Original topic: iDB Lightning 在导入的时候怎么指定导入到特定的库

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Is the imported file an SQL file or a CSV file?

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Use rename to change the name of the imported file and modify the database name.

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Add routes to the task toml file

# Table routes
schema-pattern = "source_db"
table-pattern = "source_table"
target-schema = "target_db"
target-table = "target_table"
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Reference documentation:

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The target schema is the specified database to be imported.

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The configuration list in the new version of the documentation does not mention anything related to routes. I’m not sure if it was omitted. The old version still has it.
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First time learning about TiDB, currently making an effort to understand it.

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You can check the table and database filtering methods. Use the -f or --filter parameter to specify the database to import.

Reference: 表库过滤 | PingCAP 归档文档站

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There is a filter.