How to specify the target database when importing with tidb-lightning?

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Original topic: tidb-lightning导入的时候怎么指定导入数据库?

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TiDB version: v5.3.0

Using dumpling to export the database gamehub, and wanting to use tidb-lightning to import the database gamehub_benchmark, how should it be configured in lightning?

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Two solutions:

  1. Change the file names. Dumpling exports files named as database_name.table_name. You can batch rename the database names to gamehub_benchmark.
  2. Use Lightning’s functionality and configure the parameters shown in the image below to replace the database name using regex.
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I encountered the same problem. There are many scenarios where importing and exporting require replacing the database name. It’s a bit difficult for DBAs to write regular expressions. I suggest providing some simpler methods.

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A few days ago, I encountered a similar problem. You can use a shell script to batch rename the files. You can refer to the following command:

for file in `ls | grep .sql`
 newfile=`echo $file | sed 's/old_db_name/new_db_name/g'`
 mv $file $newfile
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I think the first option is still simple and clear :smiley:

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“This also works. You can remove | sh to test it, and then execute it completely.”

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Indeed, renaming is convenient, but one thing to note is that the gamehub_benchmark database must already exist. After renaming, Lightning will not automatically create the gamehub_benchmark database.

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Renaming is the most convenient.

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Thank you, thank you.

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Just directly modify the database name.

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