How to Troubleshoot Sudden Increase in TiFlash Memory Usage

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Original topic: 如何排查tiflash内存占用瞬间提高的原因

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In the production environment, it was found that two TiFlash nodes occupied 12G of memory within half a minute, but after searching through the entire documentation, I still don’t know how to locate the cause. There were no corresponding slow query SQLs at that time. Is there a good way to locate this kind of memory increase issue? For example, which SQLs are occupying more memory?

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If you can’t find the slow SQL, are you using TiSpark? You can check the slow logs to see if there are any statements using the TiFlash engine.

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Not using TiSpark. This kind of issue is indeed difficult to track.

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Take a look at this. Although the title mentions CPU, scanning more keys can also lead to increased memory usage. From my observation in TiFlash, the increase in CPU and memory usage is generally consistent.

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