How to Troubleshoot the Specific Cause When a TiDB Machine Runs Out of Memory and Requires a Manual Restart

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Original topic: tidb有个机器内存耗尽人工重启了,怎么排查具体原因

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Testing / PoC
[TiDB Version] 7.5.1

[Encountered Issue: Problem Phenomenon and Impact]
The original cluster was reinstalled to version 7.5.1, deployed using the original configuration file, and then lightning was used to import the backup data from before the reinstallation. After the import was completed, the cluster was restarted once more, and a cluster failure was discovered.

Failure Phenomenon:
The memory of the 19.207 server was exhausted and went offline.
HeapInuse- occupied a large amount of memory: 95.9 GiB

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Check the system logs?

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The large SQL query crashed. There are some logs.

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Check the expensive logs in the dashboard to see if there are any SQL queries or other operations consuming a large amount of memory.

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I restarted the machine before waiting for the OOM kill. Didn’t find anything too useful in the system logs.

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Take a look at the logs.

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Only two TiKV servers? TiDB, PD, and TiKV are all installed on the same server? Do you have only one replica? If it’s one replica, there shouldn’t be an issue with TiKV. If it’s three replicas, there will be a problem with TiKV. According to the official documentation, for three replicas, you need at least three TiKV servers.

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There are 6 TiKV nodes with 3 replicas.

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When the lightning import was completed, was everything normal? Then after restarting the cluster, you found that the TiDB node was using a lot of memory, so you manually restarted the machine, right? After restarting the machine, did you run any SQL, such as connecting to the business? Did anyone run SQL tests?

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First, the import with Lightning was completed normally. Then, after restarting the cluster, one machine lost connection after 10 minutes. Upon checking, it was found that the memory usage was too high, causing it to freeze.

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Has anyone executed SQL in the past ten minutes? It would be best to look for the keyword “expensive” in the logs of the problematic TiDB. If the memory increase is caused by SQL, this keyword will usually be present. If you can’t find it, it might be due to other reasons.

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Refer to

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First, determine which component is experiencing OOM, and install TiDB, TiKV.

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Your mix is indeed sometimes difficult to analyze. Check Grafana to see which component is using high memory.

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The screenshot above shows that Heaplnuse- is occupying over 90GB.

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Hybrid deployment, optimize memory usage

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You need to check the logs.

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Take a look at the large SQL.