How to Use Composite Primary Keys in a Table with Existing Data

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Original topic: 在已经有数据的表里面如何使用联合主键

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Due to the large amount of data, importing .sql files from MySQL into TiDB always results in errors. Therefore, I used .txt format to import the data into the TiDB database. The data does not have a primary key, so I set hp_id and zp_id as a composite primary key (which works in MySQL). However, it reported an error saying that identical data as a primary key is not supported, even though the composite primary key should not have duplicates.
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Then set a composite primary key, TiDB supports it too.

Try running it with a DDL SQL statement, it might be due to poor client compatibility.

Or try using a different client tool.

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What client is so terrible?

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I have the same issue when using Navicat.

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In my case, using Navicat works, but it’s best to directly use the ALTER statement to add.

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You can directly create it using a statement.

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It might be due to different versions, but there is no problem with using the statement.

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Direct statement creation

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create and see

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Directly use SQL statements to add, do not add through the interface.