How to Use TiCDC to Synchronize Data to RocketMQ?

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Original topic: 如何使用TiCDC向Rocketmq同步数据?

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I see that Ticdc provides configuration for transmitting data to a Kafka sink. If I want to use Ticdc to transmit data to RocketMQ, is it possible? How should I configure it?

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It seems like I don’t know about RocketMQ.

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At present, it seems not to be supported. The documentation only has:


Generally speaking, Kafka is more suitable for high data throughput. If you must use RocketMQ, you can consider TiCDC → Kafka → RocketMQ, or abandon TiCDC and use other CDC tools, such as FlinkCDC, which supports TiDB. Can it be connected to RocketMQ?

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It feels like using Kafka can synchronize to most databases.