How to Use TiDB in the Context of Geographic Coordinate Retrieval

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Original topic: 在地理坐标检索的场景下,tidb如何使用

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In a business scenario where it is necessary to delineate coordinate points within a geographic coordinate range, how does TiDB support this? If used in conjunction with Elasticsearch, how should it be designed?

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Are you asking for a solution in the community? It feels like there are no answers… :upside_down_face:

From another perspective, if the business scenario involves storing coordinates and you don’t use TiDB but use MySQL, how do you plan to handle it?

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I don’t have a solution.
However, if you want to synchronize data from TiDB to another system in real-time, you should mostly look into TiCDC-related content.

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It seems that TiDB does not support spatial data types and functions, while MySQL does.

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Does TiDB have plans to support it in the future?

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Why don’t you ask the TiDB vendor?

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I have seen that it will be supported later.

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In the current roadmap, GIS is listed under the “Future” column. According to the current plan, this future version will definitely be released later than the mid-2024 LTS version.

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Thank you, it will probably be 2025.

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