How to use tiup with Alibaba Cloud ECS for elastic scaling?

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Original topic: 怎么使用tiup配合阿里云ecs进行弹性扩容?

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Are you writing your own shell script to operate ECS and TiUP?

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Do you need automatic scaling? You can consult with Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest personnel to see if the Computing Nest deployment of TiDB supports automatic scaling: 云数据库TiDB软件【最新版】-云市场-阿里云

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It is best to use the TiDB service provided by Compute Nest, which has already integrated most of Alibaba Cloud’s operation and maintenance orchestration services and has been pre-configured by the developers. If you use a self-built solution, you will need to create your own set of operation and maintenance orchestration services and spend extra money. From the perspective of cost reduction, it is also not suitable for you.