How to View and Modify the Default Value of tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder

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Original topic: 如何查看、修改 tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder的默认值

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【Encountered Issue: How to view and modify the default value of tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder
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Check: show variables like ‘%tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder%’;
Modify: set global tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder=off;
After modification, it does not take effect for the current session. You need to open a new session or log out and log in again to query.

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You can also check the official documentation.

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show variables like ‘%tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder%’;
set global (session) tidb_enable_outer_join_reorder=off;

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The document clearly explains how to operate from the beginning.

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