How to View Various Modules in the TiDB Server

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Original topic: tidb server中的各个模块如何查看

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In the 101 course, the structure diagram of the TiDB server includes many components. How can these correspond to the host? Is it through configuration files or processes?

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It seems that you still don’t quite understand the components of TiDB. The commonly used components of TiDB are TiDB, TiKV, PD, etc. Your screenshot is equivalent to the structure diagram of the TiDB component, corresponding to the tidb_servers configuration in the configuration file.

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This module is a software design module. Indeed, they are all within a single TiDB process.

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These are all code modules.

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The internal processes, just need to roughly know what they do.

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The items in the diagram mostly reflect the packages in the source code structure and the design philosophy of the components. They are not individual processes; they are all contained within the tidb-server process.

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Just take a quick look to get an understanding, no need to delve deeply. To really understand it, you need to look at the source code.

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Refer to the source code.

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The video tutorial covers it. Knowing the general process and principles should be enough.

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Go download the source code and take a look.

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My understanding is that as long as you know what it does, it’s enough. Some modules are reflected in system configuration and cluster configuration.

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TiDB is a distributed database with three core components: the computing layer node TiDB, the storage layer node TiKV, and the management and scheduling layer node PD.

The TiDB server mentioned by the original poster is an instance of the computing layer node component, corresponding to a TiDB server process on the host machine. The TiDB server structure diagram you posted is a design diagram of the source code functional modules of the computing node, and in physical deployment, it belongs to the same TiDB server process.

Of course, different functions may have system parameters or variables provided for users to adjust and modify, so that users can achieve the best user experience.

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This belongs to software architecture.

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This normally can’t be configured, right?

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You can understand that the TiDB server is a process. These in the diagram are the internal functional modules of the TiDB server, the ones doing the work. The foreman and the construction workers.

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You can only look at the source code.

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It’s not easy to directly correspond.

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Then you need to study it carefully.

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Thank you, everyone. I am currently preparing for the exam on May 7th and studying by watching videos.

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Are there any courses available for in-depth study of source code analysis?