I have completed courses 201 and 301, why haven't I received any points?

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Original topic: 我已完成201,301课程,为什么没给积分

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I have already completed the 201 and 301 courses. According to the points rules, 201 and 301 should each give 50 points. I haven’t received the points yet. Why is that?

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The points are usually given a few days later, so don’t worry.

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Me too, I took a course for the PCTA exam before, and several months have passed without the points being awarded.

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  1. Confirm that the course progress is 100%.
  2. Wait a few days to see, there might be a delay in issuance.
  3. If a week passes and you still haven’t received it, you can contact your cousin.
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It’s been almost 20 days.

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When was this reward completed?

It was launched in May 2022: 🆕【新奖励上线】增加课程学习积分&经验值奖励 - TiDB 的问答社区

You can check whether you completed the course before or after this time, and also attach relevant screenshots of your learning progress.

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Look at my registration time (it should be December 2023), it’s impossible that I finished learning before May 2022. Haha.

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Can you show a screenshot of your completed courses?

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Check the course names for encoding,

201.1 Course:




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