I want to study, but I lack the energy. I can't seem to focus and calm my mind. What should I do?

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Original topic: 想学习,但是精力不足怎么办,老是学不进去,静不下心。

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I want to learn, but I lack the energy. I always find it hard to focus and calm my mind. Are there any good methods?

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Create a conducive learning environment: To be able to focus on studying, create a quiet, tidy, and comfortable study space. Stay away from distractions such as phones, social media, and television.

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If it really doesn’t work, find a study room. This is a mindset issue and needs to be adjusted. Everyone has different methods.

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Set a study time, learn for 5 more minutes each day, and stick to it.

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It is recommended to first develop an interest in what you want to learn. Then set a small goal, which can be very simple, such as watching a video every day, reading a column, or answering a forum question. It is best to set a long-term goal as well, such as passing the PCTA exam in one month and the PCTP exam in three months. Additionally, consider taking a small amount of time each day to exercise, which helps maintain energy levels. The power of habit is amazing; once you develop a habit, many times you might unconsciously follow it to study or exercise at the scheduled time.

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I agree with the previous point; forced learning will only make oneself more averse to it. First, you need to clarify what to learn, why to learn it, and how it will benefit you (whether in work, life, or even mentally). Don’t learn just for the sake of learning, as it would be a waste of time. Most importantly, focus on yourself.

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Meditation can help improve focus and reduce stress. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and don’t expect to master a large amount of knowledge in a short time. Break down tasks and focus on a small part each time.

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Looking for a study buddy.

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Interest is the best teacher. If you don’t like it, switch to a different subject to learn.

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This is how I do it, because I have very little time to myself every day.

During the day, I belong to work, and in the evening, I belong to my family.

So the two hours during my commute are the best time for me to study:

I listen to audiobooks, read books, and watch short courses. I highly recommend a WeChat public account: 此念课堂 (Ci Nian Classroom).

I believe that learning is not just about external improvement and acquiring knowledge, but also about internal cultivation and self-improvement.

So when I know what I want and watch a video, I often feel enlightened, wondering why I didn’t watch this video earlier.

Learning shouldn’t be about forcing yourself; it should be about studying what interests you, broadening your knowledge, vision, judgment, and tolerance. Most people hope that what they learn is about “how can I make more money in the future.”

But we should think about why we want to make more money. Is it for happiness and satisfaction?

Never force yourself to do things that make you unhappy. You should follow your true intentions! Learn whatever you are interested in. Even if you can’t continue, it’s normal. You need to learn to tolerate and accept yourself, just like you would tolerate your own children and accept your own mistakes.

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Why is your energy insufficient? What are the reasons?

  • Time management issues?
  • Can’t find direction?
  • Haven’t accepted it internally?

In my opinion, if you want to do something, you will overcome all difficulties and focus on doing it. However, learning is a process of accumulation over time. It’s not that you can turn what you learn into ability immediately; it requires a cycle of continuous focus and transformation. Even if it becomes an ability, it doesn’t mean you can achieve the value you want… Transforming ability into value requires another cycle… Repeatedly… It’s not that easy to persist…

To get back to the point, if you don’t want to do something, you will always find thousands of reasons for yourself :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: Excuses are always more perfect than the last one~

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Perhaps you need some guidance… such as a DBA salary survey, or how to grow into a better domestic database DBA.

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Is it that you have something on your mind that you can’t let go of? Write those things down and set them aside; this is equivalent to summarizing them. After that, you can study with peace of mind.

Or, you could say that people’s minds are always filled with all kinds of strange thoughts. Ignore them and start studying. Even if you can’t be 100% focused, 90% or 80% is still good enough. The key is to start studying. Don’t wait; you’ll never reach a moment when you’re completely calm and ready to study. Instead, you’ll find yourself getting more and more engaged as you continue studying.

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I love TiDB, I don’t love TiDB, I love TiDB, I don’t love TiDB, I love TiDB, I don’t love TiDB…

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When you can’t focus on studying, it’s usually because you didn’t have enough fun while playing. :joy:
At this point, you can take a break from studying and have some fun first.
Of course, having fun can be challenging too. Maybe after three consecutive losses online, you’ll naturally feel motivated to study. :rofl:

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At this point, there’s a high probability that you don’t feel like doing anything. :joy:

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That’s right, I’ve quit gaming for more than half a year. I don’t want to get caught up in it again.

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That’s right. It’s probably just something. Overthinking leads to problems. Hopefully, taking action will help. Doing more will provide the answers.

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I agree, learning is a gradual process.