If only using Tikv's Raw API, is it necessary to deploy TIDB to trigger GC?

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Original topic: 请问如果只使用Tikv的Raw API,是否需要同时部署TIDB来触发GC?

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[Test Environment for TiDB] Testing
[TiDB Version] v7.0.0
[Reproduction Path]
[Encountered Issue: Problem Description and Impact] If TiDB is not deployed, will the disk space not be released after deleting key values?
[Resource Configuration] 3 nodes, each with 1TB SSD
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PD is used to manage Region and TiKV node instances, as well as various metadata, etc.

If you need GC to release version data, you need to install TiDB nodes.
Alternatively, you can manually trigger TiKV GC actions through the API.

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Got it, thanks a lot.

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