Insights from PCTA Certification Study

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Course Name: Course Version (101/201/301) + Course Name

101+ TiDB Database Core Principles and Architecture

Study Duration:

600 minutes

Course Gains:

  1. TiDB system architecture
  2. Functions of TiDB Server, TiDB PD, TiKV, TiFlash
  3. Operator pushdown coprocessor
  4. Raft log replication
  5. Placement rules in SQL

Course Content:

  1. TiDB architecture
  2. TiDB HTAP
  3. New features in TiDB 6.0

Some of the key takeaways:

  1. Parsing and compiling SQL statements

  2. Hot small table caching

  3. TiKV coprocessor

  4. TiKV raft, raft log replication

5. Usage of Placement rules in SQL

Problems or Extended Thoughts Encountered During Study:

  • Problem 1:
    How to distinguish between cached and non-cached small tables?
  • Problem 2:
    How much does the coprocessor pushdown algorithm implemented at the TiKV layer improve SQL performance?

Other References Used During Study


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  1. Size limitation, more reads, fewer writes, utilizing memory.
  2. High concurrency, less transmission, significant advantages for large tables, hard to say for small tables.
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