Installing TiDB Cluster and Monitoring System with TiUP

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Original topic: 用tiup安装的tidb集群和监控系统

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There is no data on the monitoring, what is the reason?

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Let’s take a look at the output result of tiup cluster display.

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That’s because your cluster might not have the binlog component installed.

Check if other monitoring graphs have data. If it’s not that all of them have no data, then there’s no problem.

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I remember this doesn’t need to be installed. It’s better for the person above to check the deployment status; some services might not have started.

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Yes, what I mean is that he didn’t install binlog, so naturally, there is nothing in the binlog monitoring chart he is looking at.

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Is it available now?

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First, check tiup cluster display tidb and Grafana. If they are started, look at the overview view to see if there is any data.

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Did you set rule_dir or dashboard_dir?